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Handover : Stockinette : 800g by A S Handover
EUR 6,41
Bagged rolls of mixed fibres, approx 12" wide.
Handover : Parchment Clippings : 100 g by A S Handover
EUR 5,18
Parchment clippings are an alternative source material for a rabbit skin glue substitute. For preparation of parchment glue size. Boil parchment scraps and clippings for 4 hours. Use 110g of clippings to 1 litre of water.
Nachdem Claude Duchamp seinen Bruder tot in dessen Frankfurter Wohnung aufgefunden hat, macht er sich – gegen den Rat der Polizei – selbst auf die Suche nach dessen Mörder. So schwierig sich dabei das Auffinden und Zusammenfügen der einzelnen Puzzlesteine auch gestaltet, so wird ihm doch allmählich bewusst, dass sein Bruder allem Anschein nach einem weltweit operierenden Verbrechersyndikat zum Opfer gefallen ist. Doch warum? Da er die Antwort auf diese Frage in Hong Kong zu finden hofft, macht er sich auf den Weg nach Asien, wo er bei einem Zwischenstation in Thailand bei einem mysteriösen Autounfall beinahe ums Leben kommt. Während seiner Recherchen in Hong Kong, das kurz vor dem Handover an China steht, begegnet Claude Alicia, die er auf deren Einladung hin auf ihrer Konzerttournee durch die Volksrepublik begleitet. Zurück in Hong Kong lernt Claude während der Übergabefeierlichkeiten schließlich jenen Mann kennen, den er für den Tod seines Bruders verantwortlich macht.
Handover : Garnet Shellac Flakes : 250g
W S Jenkins
EUR 14,31
Garnet shellac flakes are used to make a dark brown french polish.
Internet Speed Tester
Intervertex Software SL
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The Handover (English Edition)

Sometimes towns don't work out. Michael Marshall Smith is the winner of the Philip K. Dick Award, the August Delerth Award, the International Horror Guild Award, six British Fantasy Awards and the Prix Bob Morane, nominated for five World Fantasy Awards and CWA Silver Dagger — and the only author ever to win the BFS Award for Best Short Story four times. Now, for the first time, his internationally-revered short fiction is finally becoming available in ebook format...
Portrait Painting Atelier: Old Master Techniques and Contemporary Applications
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Handover : Garnet Shellac Flakes : 500g
W S Jenkins
EUR 25,54
Garnet shellac flakes are used to make a dark brown french polish.
The Handover: The Untold Story of Jesus and Judas (English Edition)

Do you, like so many, have questions about the story of the apostle Judas Iscariot? Why did he betray his good friend and teacher, Jesus Christ? Why did he return the “blood money” to the priests and commit suicide soon after? Was it Judas’s intention that Jesus, someone he had admired, suffer the horrible penalty of crucifixion?“For generations of believers, I am a despised and vilified person,” declares Judas Iscariot, one of the most infamous characters in the Bible’s New Testament. This riveting and historically accurate novel brings to life and takes an in depth approach to the personalities and lives of some of the most important characters in biblical history, such as Jesus and his twelve apostles, John the Baptist, Mother Mary, and many more. Based on extensive research into the social, cultural and political world of the New Testament, this book explores the story from both a historical perspective and a religious one, appealing to many people who can appreciate the colorful and brutal first century culture. It often shows the teachings and deeds of the characters as they would appear to people during biblical times and not as modern man would view them.By book’s end, the reader has a deeper knowledge of the role of Judas in the life and death of Jesus, and a renewed awe for the kindness and wisdom of the man from Galilee. The Handover will appeal to Christians, Jews, those with an interest in the history of the ancient world, and anyone who likes a good story. Judas’s love for Jesus is moving and uncomplicated and does not require a belief in the divinity of Christ to appreciate.
Handover Genuine Transfer Silver Leaf. Book of 25 Leaves. 95mm x 95mm by A S Handover
EUR 3,40
Each book of silver leaf contains 25 leaves that measure 95mm x 95mm. 1 book of silver will cover an area of 0.23m² without waste or overlap. (The amount of waste can be determined by the gilder?s own level of expertise and will depend on the complexity of the surface being gilded.) The higher the gold content of a leaf the more resistant it will be to tarnishing - this means silver leaf should always be protected from the atmosphere with a lacquer. Transfer Leaf is the same as loose leaf except that each leaf has been pressed onto a lightly waxed sheet of tissue paper which can be picked up, thus avoiding contact with the metal. The tissue is then offered up to the sized area and rubbed from behind so that the leaf transfers from the paper to the object to be gilded.
Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen Wallet Black Pack of 4
EUR 6,83
Filzstift Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen 4er Set SFMB schwarz, höchste Lichtbeständigkeit, hoch pigmentierte Tusche auf Wasserbasis, ph-neutral, wasserfest, die qualitativ hochwertigen verschiedenen Spitzen bieten spontanes Skizzieren, aber auch präzise Detailzeichnungen, besonders geeignet für Künstler, Designer, Architekten und Grafiker, lange Lebensdauer und hoher Komfort, Inhalt B, M, F, S
Faber-Castell 167137 - Tuschestift Pitt Artist Pen, 8er Kunststoffetui, schwarz
EUR 12,04
Filzstift Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen 8er Set Black mit diversen Spitzen, hohe Lichtbeständigkeit, Set enthält vier verschiedene Strichbreiten, ideal für Mangas, Comic-Zeichnungen und Illustrationen, mit führenden Zeichnern der Manga Szene entwickelt, Tusche auf Wasserbassis, Formstabile Pinselspitze, schnell trocknend, danach permanent, lange Lebensdauer und hoher Komfort, 167137
FABER-CASTELL Buntstift POLYCHROMOS, phthalogrn dunkel
EUR 1,55
Polychromos Künstlerfarbstift
Copic ciao Set 5+1 Hautfarben 22075552 Multiliner Fineliner
EUR 20,94
Die beliebten 5+1 Sets von Copic Ciao enthalten neben den Ciao Markern auch noch einen Multiliner mit 0.3mm Spitze. Mit dem Multiliner lassen sich wunderbar Konturen oder auch komplette Zeichnungen anfertigen. Enthalten sind 5 Copic Ciao in Hauttönen. Besonders gut um Manga und Figuren zu malen. Der Marker hat sowohl eine Brush-Spitze als auch eine Medium Broad Spitze. So können Sie auch wunderbar flächig malen. Enthalten sind die Farben E43, V91, R20, R00 und E00.
Montana Herren Hoodies Clothing grau S
EUR 59,90
- Style: Basic - Schnitt: Regular - Seitentaschen: 1 Fronttasche - Kapuze: doppellagig, mit Tunnelzug - Ärmelenden Rippstrick - Extras: Rippstrick-Saum Material: 65% Baumwolle, 35% Polyester
EUR 9,99
Aquarellfarbstift s`blau
SG Education
EUR 1,65
Albrecht DürerKünstler AquarellstiftMiene Ø 3,8mm17,2cm Länge
Handover (English Edition)
Signal 8 Press
It's 1997 and three very different expatriate Britons are living and working in Hong Kong. Sally, a sophisticated, thirty-something magazine editor, finds her life plagued by a ruthless bully. Tess, an idealistic young graduate, embarks on an unlikely office romance. And Rob, the most recently arrived of the three, is haunted by an enigmatic ex-lover. As the date of the Handover draws closer, and each of the three falls further under the spell of their adopted city, their lives criss-cross and start spinning out of control. July 1st, dawn of the reunification with mainland China, will find one in prison awaiting trial for armed assault, one in disillusion and deep denial, and the third floating face-down in the waters off Macau. Handover, a vivid, cinematic new novella by Paul Blaney, writer in residence at Rutgers University, peels back the skin of expatriate Hong Kong to uncover vengeance, betrayal, and madness.