Father involvement in the early years: An international comparison of policy and practice (English Edition)
Policy Press
Fatherhood is in transition and being challenged by often contradictory forces: societal mandates to be both an active father and provider, men’s own wish to be more involved with their children, and the institutional arrangements in which fathers work and live. This book explores these phenomena in the context of cross-national policies and their relation to the daily childcare practices of fathers. It presents the current state of knowledge on father involvement with young children in six countries from different welfare state regimes with unique policies related to parenting in general and fathers in particular: Finland, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, the UK and the USA.
SCAMODA Bundes- und Länderflagge aus wetterfestem Material mit Metallösen (Deutschland-Adler) 60x90cm
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SCAMODA Länder Motiv-Flagge für drinnen und draußen Unsere Motiv-Flaggen sind aus reißfestem, sowie wind-, wasser- und sonnenechtem Polyester und können ohne weiteres für drinnen und draußen verwendet werden. Die Fahnen mit den unterschiedlichen Motiven besitzen alle zwei Metallösen zur sicheren Befestigung am Fahnenmast oder anderen Befestigungsmöglichkeiten.
In Her Hands: The Education of Jewish Girls in Tsarist Russia (English Edition)
Wayne State University Press
Though over one hundred private schools for Jewish girls thrived in the areas of Jewish settlement in the Russian empire between 1831 and 1881, their story has been largely overlooked in the scholarship of Jewish educational history. In Her Hands: The Education of Girls in Tsarist Russia restores these schools to their rightful place of prominence in training thousands of Jewish girls in secular and Judaic subjects and also paving the way for the modern schools that followed them. Through extensive archival research, author Eliyana R. Adler examines the schools’ curriculum, teachers, financing, students, and educational innovation and demonstrates how each of these aspects evolved over time.The first section of this volume follows the emergence and development of the new private schools for Jewish girls in the mid-1800s, beginning with the historical circumstances that enabled their creation, and detailing the staffing, financing, and academics in the schools. Adler dispels the myth that all education in Russia was reserved for boys by showing that a dedicated group of educators and administrators worked to provide new opportunities for a diverse group of Jewish girls. In the second section, Adler looks at the interactions between these new educational institutions and their communities, including how the schools responded to changes taking place around them and how they in turn influenced their environment. Adler consults several major archives, including those of the former Russian Ministry of Education, along with contemporary periodicals, educational materials, and personal memoirs to provide a remarkably complete picture of education for Jewish girls in Russia in the mid- to late nineteenth century.In telling the story of Russia’s private schools for Jewish girls, Adler argues that these schools were crucibles of educational experimentation that merit serious examination. Scholars of Jewish history, educational history, and womens’ studies will enjoy this pathbreaking study.
My Appetite for Destruction: Sex & Drugs & Guns `N' Roses
Harper Collins Publ. UK
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Opting Out of the European Union: Diplomacy, Sovereignty and European Integration (English Edition)
Cambridge University Press
European integration continues to deepen despite major crises and attempts to take back sovereignty. A growing number of member states are reacting to a more constraining EU by negotiating opt-outs. This book provides the first in-depth account of how opt-outs work in practice. It examines the most controversial cases of differentiated integration: the British and Danish opt-outs from Economic and Monetary Union and European policies on borders, asylum, migration, internal security and justice. Drawing on over one hundred interviews with national representatives and EU officials, the author demonstrates how representatives manage the stigma of opting out, allowing them to influence even politically sensitive areas covered by their opt-outs. Developing a practice approach to European integration, the book shows how everyday negotiations transform national interests into European ideals. It is usually assumed that states opt out to preserve sovereignty, but Adler-Nissen argues that national opt-outs may actually reinforce the integration process.
Understanding Human Nature
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xiii 286p paperback, a fresh copy, clean pages, firm, in excellent condition, facsimile text
It's So Easy (and other lies): The Autobiography
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Explosive autobiography of Guns N'Roses and Velvet Revolver bass guitarist Duff McKagan.Duff McKagan was a co-founder of Guns N' Roses, with a 13-year tenure on bass in what was at the time the biggest band on earth. As well as pulling together the classic line-up (Slash on guitar, Steven Adler on drums, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin and vocalist Axl Rose), Duff was the unofficial musical director of the band and the most experienced musician, and played bass, drums and guitar, as well as co-writing many of the songs. Over the years, Guns N' Roses have broken many records in rock history - APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION is the most successful debut album in the history of recorded music; the band's 1991 records, USE YOUR ILLUSION parts 1 and 2, debuted at one and two on the album charts, a feat never achieve before or since; and their 28-month ILLUSION world tour is still the longest running concert tour in history.Duff charts the rise of the group, and his own fall, as with success came heavy drinking and drug use, culminating in his hospitalisation for acute pancreatitis in 1994. Forced to sober up, Duff started taking an interest in business, eventually completing a degree in Economics and making a killing on the stock market. He has since worked with Slash in another band, Velvet Revolver, and has continued to play with various artists over the last 15 years.IT'S SO EASY (AND OTHER LIES) is the explosive memoir of a great rock musician who, against the odds, has lived to tell the tale.
Jews and Gender in Liberation France (Studies in the Social and Cultural History of Modern Warfare Book 14) (English Edition)
Cambridge University Press
This book takes a new look at occupied and liberated France through the dual prism of race, specifically Jewishness, and gender - core components of Vichy ideology. The imagining of liberation and the potential post-Vichy state, lay at the heart of resistance strategy. Their transformation into policy at liberation forms the basis of an enquiry that reveals a society which, while split deeply at the political level, found considerable agreement over questions of race, the family and gender. This is explained through a new analysis of republican assimilation which insists that gender was as important a factor as nationality or ethnicity. A new concept of the 'long liberation' provides a framework for understanding the continuing influence of the liberation in post-war France, where scientific planning came to the fore, but whose exponents were profoundly imbued with reductive beliefs about Jews and women that were familiar during Vichy.
Theresienstadt 1941-1945: The Face of a Coerced Community
Cambridge University Press
EUR 73,99
First published in 1955, with a revised edition appearing five years later, H. G. Adler's Theresienstadt, 1941-1945 is a foundational work in the field of Holocaust studies. As the first scholarly monograph to describe the particulars of a single camp - the Jewish ghetto in the Czech city of Terezin - it is the single most detailed and comprehensive account of any concentration camp. Adler, a survivor of the camp, divides the book into three sections: a history of the ghetto, a detailed institutional and social analysis of the camp, and an attempt to understand the psychology of the perpetrators and the victims. A collaborative effort between the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Terezin Publishing Project makes this authoritative text on Holocaust history available for the first time in the English language, with a new afterword by the author's son Jeremy Adler.
Gruppen in der neuen Mathematik. Eine elementare Einführung in die Theorie mathematischer Gruppen an Hand einfacher Beispiele
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Vieweg, Braunschweig, 1974. 188 S. mit 234 Abb., kartoniert, (Einband randgebräunt)
The Tender Cut
NYU Press
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The Tender Cut An ethnographical examination of self harm in teenagers Full description
Jewish Travellers in the Middle Ages: 19 Firsthand Accounts
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Dover Publications
Adler und Jung, die Abgrenzung zu Freud
GRIN Verlag
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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2004 im Fachbereich Psychologie - Entwicklungspsychologie, Note: keine, Fachhochschule Oldenburg/Ostfriesland/Wilhelmshaven; Standort Oldenburg (FB Sozialwesen), Veranstaltung: Grundlagen der Entwicklungspsychologie, 5 Quellen im Literaturverzeichnis, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Vorwort Die Psychoanalyse war zu Beginn eine Triebpsychologie, sie wurde, ungefähr ab 1910, dann zu einer reinen Psychologie, in der organische Entwicklungen zwar noch in Gestalt des Triebbegriffs eine Rolle beibehielten, in der aber die psychische Welt das Wesentliche war: Phantasien, Wünsche und Vorstellungen. Sie stellen seitdem die Hauptgegenstände psychoanalytischen Forschens dar. Dabei grenzt sich Psychoanalyse als Tiefenpsychologie oder Psychologie des Unbewussten von der übrigen Psychologie ab. Sie befasst sich mit der Psychologie unbewusster Prozesse. Die gesamte Theorie der Psychoanalyse bezieht sich somit auf Prozesse rein psychischer Natur. Dazu gehören Angst und Abwehrmechanismen, Funktion und Struktur des ICH's, die Objektbeziehungen, das Selbst sowie die Krankheitslehre (Psychopathologie: Psychosen, Neurosen, etc.). Nicht nur Sigmund Freud - der wohl bekannteste Entwicklungspsychologe -, auch Erik Erikson, Alfred Adler, Carl Gustav Jung und viele andere waren erfolgreiche (bekannte) Psychoanalytiker, deren Grundsteine bis in die heutige Zeit reichen. In der folgenden Hausarbeit werde ich mich den Theorien von Alfred Adler und Carl Gustav Jung näher zuwenden. Bei der Herangehensweise stellte ich mir vor allem folgende wichtige Fragen: A. Adler und C. G. Jung waren Freud'sche Schüler. Wie kam es dazu, dass sich Adler und Jung von Freud abgrenzten? Welche Gründe führten zur "Trennung" und was sind nun die wesentlichen Unterschiede der Theorien? [...]