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Adonai Hardware 8.50
Adonai Hardware
EUR 10,53
It is easy to rely n this screw for your doors. The quality of the screw is of top most perfection where it delivers. You get the best possible spring action with the spring that can be achieved nowhere else. The gate spring comes in a study finish and the smooth action that will make your doors worthwhile. The overall dimension of the spring is 6" that can be easily matched with most of the doors. You get the screws and the rod as an accessory to complete the look.
Adonai Hardware Baali Black Antique Iron Door And Cabinet Pull
Adonai Hardware
EUR 11,52
'Baali' is the biblical name that means my idol or lord over me. Exhibiting the love of lord, this door pull adds the charm of elegance to your door. It is versatile in its design and can be appropriate for almost every home. Available in a matte black finish this iron pull is easy to install and is strong as well. This door pull needs least maintenance and repairs and is completely damage proof. Being crafted by skilled artists this door pull will prove to be a value for money.
Adonai Hardware Aeneus Black Antique Iron Butterfly H Cabinet Hinge(Supplied as one piece)
Adonai Hardware
EUR 55,51
The name 'Aeneus' means praiseworthy as per the holy bible. The name completely defines this H hinge, which would bring you praises from your guests. The design joins heavy doors together and the specific butterfly design allows much stronger joint between cabinet door and the frame. This H hinge is perfect for kitchen cabinets and cupboards, while being sturdy enough to support the joint. These hinges are accurately crafted by skilled artists to keep the high durability of your cabinet. Install your cabinets with ease with this hinge.
Adonai Hardware 4
Adonai Hardware
Make a bold statement with this selection of 4 inch broad brass numerals! Numeral "4" can add that glitter to a boring door sign! Personalize your numeral by choosing from one of eleven great finishes.
Adonai Hardware Knot Decorative Brass Door Knocker
Adonai Hardware
As the name suggests the sleek knot design of the Knot Brass Door Knocker is definitely a head turner with its sleek and fine art with an wide variety of finishes to match up to the interiors of your house. Best suited in an antique brass finish and made with solid brass this door knocker is a refreshing substitute for those noisy and disturbing doorbells. Supplied in one piece and is easy to implant, this is definitely the one you are looking for. The unique design is no where to be found so grab your share before the stock finishes.
Adonai Hardware Please Shut The Gate Brass Door Sign - Antique Brass
Adonai Hardware
EUR 75,04
The sign that is needed for most of the homes and offices is here. You might get a lot of visitors everyday who need to open the gate of your spaces time and again. To keep your security you may need to tell them to close the gate after they have used it. This can be a laborious and monotonous task if you carry it out yourself. This is where the sign helps you in more ways than one. The clarity of the letters is what impresses the guests and the size cannot go unnoticed.
Adonai Hardware Medium Private Brass Door Sign - Antique Brushed Nickel
Adonai Hardware
EUR 61,35
There is a need to mark the areas that need limited access in your spaces. This sign plate will help you get that privacy you need in your work spaces. The sign plate has been specially designed to last for a long time. You can get the plate in solid brass metal which looks elegant on the doors. This door accessory is a must in large work spaces with many people working together. There are different finishes available for the plate so that it matches your decor.
Adonai Hardware Guest Room Brass Door Sign - Antique Copper
Adonai Hardware
EUR 67,00
A sign that will help your guests know that they have a place to rest. The sign has a clear message and in fonts that are very readable even from a distance. The well made sign plate has smooth edges that can keep going for a long time. The sign plate comes in brass metal which is of good quality and the metal finishes that come with it are equally enticing. The sign plate comes in a 5 year warranty and is made in India.