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Adonai Hardware Allon Black Antique Iron H Hinge(Supplied as one piece)
Adonai Hardware
EUR 11,40
This hinge derives its name from 'Allon' in holy bible, which signifies strength. We know that Hinges are installed to fix together the door and the frame of any kind. 'Allon' H hinge is perfect for those low maintenance cabinets and doors that do not need much attention. The specially crafted hinges are thrice as durable as those you can find in market. The black finish helps to trap and show less dirt in these hinges, therefore making them a great choice for those hard to reach corner cabinets.
Adonai Hardware Flower Cast Iron Wall And Floor Register with Louver - 2-1/4
Adonai Hardware
EUR 37,64
Flower Cast Iron Wall Register with Louver - 2-1/4" x 14" (3-7/8" x 15-1/4" Overall) in Black Powdercoated Finish.
Adonai Hardware 8
Adonai Hardware
EUR 15,50
The name 'Cedron' is taken from the holy bible and it signifies black color. This 8 inches door bolt has a vintage design that is best fit for your old-world inspired home décor. Justifying its name, this door bolt will add a special charm to your door and the excellent quality adds up to the value of this product. The lock gently slides through and is easy to install on your door. This bolt will add security and durability at the same time.
Adonai Hardware 131mm x 78mm Iron Security Door Chain
Adonai Hardware
EUR 29,67
The door chain you see here is strong enough to keep even hard doors at bay. You can move in your homes with no worries when you mount the door chain. There has been the best quality of metal chosen to make the door chain. There has been detailing done on the chain so that is accentuates the look of the doors. You can use the chain as an accent that serves an important purpose to protect you at all times.
Adonai Hardware T-Scharnier, 2 Stück pro Packung 200mm x 106mm x4mm Natural Iron Unlacquered
Adonai Hardware
EUR 34,98
Dieses T-Scharnier "Adonija" hat seinen Namen vom Namen des vierten Sohnes König David und Haggith abgeleitet, wie es in dem Buch Samuel in der Bibel aufgenommen wurde. Scharniere sind ein wesentlicher Bestandteil von Türen, die besondere Unterstützung und Optik benötigen. Das antike Eisen-T-Shirt von Adonija ist perfekt für die Installation in Garagentüren und anderen Nutztüren, die zusätzliche Unterstützung und Präsentation benötigen. Das T-Scharnier ist robust und hervorragend für die Installation in großen Türen. Sie können einen Vintage-Charme an den Türraum bringen, indem Sie diese installieren.
Adonai Hardware Ivah Brass Cabinet Knob
Adonai Hardware
EUR 30,82
Ivah means God is gracious in Biblical terms and the "Ivah" Brass Cabinet Knob is sure the most divine piece of art that can be delivered right at your doorstep at just one simple click. The arbitrary design bordering the surface and the base of the stem is the pattern to die for. And since it is made with brass so will last long and the extended warranty seals the deal. With eleven fine finishes to choose from, this piece is ready to add the elegance to the cabinets and make them shine like new.
Adonai Hardware Dragon Fly Brass Door Knocker - Antique Brass
Adonai Hardware
EUR 46,18
Are you looking for that door knocker which is going to add that quirky touch of harmony and peace to that mundane background of the door? Then your search is over as the Dragon Fly Brass Door Knocker is the one for that door. Beautifully crafted as a garden dragonfly and made out of solid brass this piece is a stunner. With a perfect antique brass finish this model is sure to fetch some best compliments for the exterior of your house.
Adonai Hardware Calno Black Antique Iron Door and Cabinet Pull
Adonai Hardware
EUR 11,40
The biblical name 'Calno' signifies to 'Our Consummation, Altogether Himself' as per holy bible. Taking an inspiration from this the door pull is specifically for doors that are bulky but small; this door pull provides great support and grip to the user. They are for places requiring least maintenance, where one wants to be least bothered about the product. The overall versatility and design of this door pull lets you have something that you will cherish for a long time.
Adonai Hardware 6
Adonai Hardware
EUR 28,58
As taken from the holy bible, the name 'Chelub' means 'a basket'. This 6 inches iron flush bolt provides security to your doors, as one can never imagine a door without a lock. You can install this flush bolt to your doors for the much-needed protection. This iron flush bolt is available in black antique finish, perfect for your vintage inspired home. The sliding features helps you with easy locking capability and the durability of product is another excellent feature.
Adonai Hardware Adonijah Black Antique Iron Tee Hinge(Supplied as one Piece)
Adonai Hardware
EUR 12,19
This 'Adonijah' T hinge has derived its name from the name of fourth son of King David and Haggith as recorded in the book of Samuel, in the Bible. Hinges are essential component of doors that need special support and looks. 'Adonijah' antique iron tee hinge is perfect for the installation in garage doors and other utility doors that need extra support and presentation. 'T' hinge is sturdy and excellent for installation in big doors you can induce a vintage charm to the door space by installing this.
Adonai Hardware 154mm x 78.50mm Iron Hasp & Staple
Adonai Hardware
EUR 29,50
Fix this handrail bracket on the wall and forget about it for years. This bracket is made out of cast iron that is going to last for a long time on your walls. This bracket will keep the handrail well in place and along with it add beautiful decor to your interiors. You can see the plain finish that is meant to gel well with the decor and other hardware in your homes and offices. You can get this bracket in a single piece and at a very reasonable price to your doorsteps.
Adonai Hardware 8.50
Adonai Hardware
EUR 17,32
It is easy to rely n this screw for your doors. The quality of the screw is of top most perfection where it delivers. You get the best possible spring action with the spring that can be achieved nowhere else. The gate spring comes in a study finish and the smooth action that will make your doors worthwhile. The overall dimension of the spring is 6" that can be easily matched with most of the doors. You get the screws and the rod as an accessory to complete the look.
Adonai Hardware Dogs Please Close The Gate Brass Door Sign - Satin Brass
Adonai Hardware
EUR 34,93
There are some signs that need to be put up on gates of your yard or homes. The guests might need a little bit of warning if you have dogs at your homes. This may be a daunting task if you do it manually. The sign plates add a little to your doors and at the same time convey your messages to all the visitors. Your peace will be kept intact with unwanted visitor kept at bay with these signs. The sign plate can be used to adorn your doors and gates and make them look stylish.
Adonai Hardware Baasha Black Antique Iron Door and Cabinet Pull
Adonai Hardware
EUR 13,33
'Baasha' is a Hebrew word, which originally meant offensive but later came to mean bravery. The emphasized design of this black iron door pull makes it a perfect choice for the doors of your home. The unique upside-down design of the door-pull lets you have a comfortable grip and support for your door. The leaf designs on top and bottom are detail oriented and can be impressive to sight. This sturdy piece is durable enough and is damage free as well.
Adonai Hardware Baali Black Antique Iron Door And Cabinet Pull
Adonai Hardware
EUR 28,40
'Baali' is the biblical name that means my idol or lord over me. Exhibiting the love of lord, this door pull adds the charm of elegance to your door. It is versatile in its design and can be appropriate for almost every home. Available in a matte black finish this iron pull is easy to install and is strong as well. This door pull needs least maintenance and repairs and is completely damage proof. Being crafted by skilled artists this door pull will prove to be a value for money.
Adonai Hardware Flower Cast Iron Wall And Floor Register with Louver - 6
Adonai Hardware
EUR 56,03
The floor register you have been looking for is here. You can see that the dimensions of the register are perfect for your walls. It can bring in a lot of air and create a fresh feeling room in your homes. The register has a floral pattern and metal finishes that look quite elegant. The iron used in the making gives the register some strength to keep it going for many long years. The register is available in a single piece with a 2 year warranty.