Latein von Aeterna

Roma Aeterna: Pars II (Lingua Latina, Band 2)
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Missa Aeterna Christi munera (und andere Chorwerke)
Tactus (Naxos Deutschland Musik & Video Vertriebs-)
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De legibus ac Deo legislatore. Über die Gesetze und Gott den Gesetzgeber: Liber secundus: De lege aeterna et naturali, ac iure gentium. Zweites Buch: Das ... des Mittelalters und der Neuzeit. 9)
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Im zweiten Buch seiner rechtstheologischen Summe, ›De legibus ac Deo legislatore‹ aus dem Jahre 1612, entwickelt Francisco Suárez (1548–1617) seine Konzeption des ewigen Gesetzes, des Naturrechts und des Völkerrechts. Dabei gelingt Suárez die kritische Überarbeitung der lex aeterna-Theorien von Augustinus und Thomas von Aquin und damit eine Weiterentwicklung mittelalterlicher Rechtstheologie. Er formuliert darüber hinaus für die im 17. Jahrhundert mit Hugo Grotius und Thomas Hobbes aufbrechenden und bis zu Christian Wolff kontrovers ausgetragenen Naturrechts- und Völkerrechtsdebatten genuin eigenständige Konzeptionen, die die frühneuzeitliche Entwicklung der politischen Theorie bis ins 18. Jahrhundert befördern.
Lingua Latina - Instructions: Roma Aeterna: Instructions for Part 11 (in English) Supplement for Part 11
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Student guide in English for Lingua Latina: Part II: Roma Aeterna and provides an overview of the chapter readings and grammar found in each chapter.
Verdi: Quattro Pezzi Sacri (Vier geistliche Stücke) [Vinyl LP] [Schallplatte]
Frederic Waldman und Musica Aeterna Chor und Orchester spielen Quattro pezzi sacri (Vier geistliche Stuecke) von Giuseppe Verdi.
Lingua Latina: Roma Aeterna
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Lingua Latina: Roma Aeterna
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Lux aeterna: SATB Divisi with Chamber Orchestra or Organ
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James MacMillan: Lux Aeterna (The Strathclyde Motets). Für SATB (Gemischter Chor), Chor
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Titelzusatz: aus dem Streichquartett a-MollBesetzung: Violine und KlavierSeitenzahl: 6Bindung: FalzBearbeitet von: Biss, RoderickReihe: First Solo PiecesMedienart: Noten
Michael Howard: A Choral Pioneer
Verus Records
This CD features renovations of stereo recordings made in 1958 by Michael Howard for the Argo label in the late fifties at Ely and Arundel Cathedrals. The Arundel recording, Music for the Common of Apostles (plainsong and Palestrina's Missa Aterna Christi Munera) were made with The Renaissance Singers, whom Howard had founded more than a decade earlier. The Ely recording, Music for the Feast of Christmas, combined this group with choir of Ely Cathedral and features Howard's then-assistant Arthur Wills who went on to succeed him as Organist and Director of Music. A great deal of care has been taken with the renovation of these recordings. The original master tapes have been de-noised and the recordings re-reverberated, using measurements taken especially for this reissue, in the buildings that the recordings were made. The result is pristine audio quality in which these performances have never before been heard. Sleeve notes are by Bruno Turner and Michael Howard. "Stunning in impact" - Peter Giles (in The Counter Tenor) "Spendid singing" - The Musical Times "Very compelling...and very influential" - Bruno Turner "[The Ely choristers] show themselves, both in tone and flexibility, the equals of any comparable group in the country; above all they have a vitality in attack which English choirboys too often seem to lose in the quest for a specious purity of tone" - Gramophone 1. Caustun Rejoice in the Lord 2. Gibbons The Record of John 3. Amner Oh ye little flock 4. Messiaen Les anges 5. Anon. Dominus dixit 6. Palestrina Dies sanctificatus 7. Sweelinck Hodie Christus est 8. Byrd An earthly tree 9. Handl Resonet in laudibus 10. Anon. Eya martyr Stephane 11. Victoria O quam gloriosam 12. Anon. Vox in Rama 13. Dufay, Salvete flores 14. Anon. The Coventry Carol 15. Anon. Hymnus Aeterna Christi Munera Palestrina: Missa Aeterna Christi Munera 16. Kyrie 17. Gloria 18. Credo 19. Sanctus 20. Benedictus 21. Agnus Dei I 22. Agnus Dei II