EUR 0,00
aksans (TM) 10 Renata 361 Armbanduhr Batterien (SR721 W) 721 SR58
EUR 15,10
Renata 361 Uhrenbatterien (SR721 W) 721 SR58
Aksans (TM 10 x Duracell Industrie C Größe MN1400 LR14 Alkaline Batterien ersetzt Procell
EUR 9,90
Diese Duracell Industrial C MN1400 Alkaline Batterien sind in einer Packung von 10 Batterien geliefert. Sie bieten eine Hochleistungs-Leistung und sind geeignet für Profis, die langlebig Leistung in einer Reihe von professionellen Anwendungen, wie z. B. Audio- und Bild Geräte, Fernbedienungen, Taschenlampen, Rauchmelder und medizinischen Geräten. Sie sind in der Lage, den Betrieb bei Temperaturen von-20 °C bis 54 °C; zuverlässige Leistung, sogar noch nach sieben Jahren Lagerung. Der C-Size Batterien sind auch bekannt als LR14/Mezza TORCIA oder Baby.
AKSAN Getriebemotor AKWDKS 50/60Hz Welle 25mm 250W 20U/min 380V AC Länge 370mm
EUR 672,87
VARTA Knopfzelle Aksans (TM) 1.55 V V337 8,3mAh 1,65 X 4.8 mm
EUR 2,15
Technische Daten: VARTA type: 337.101.111 Ag: Spannung: typ. Kapazität nom. 1.55 V 8.3mAh Maße:: Ø4.8 x 1.65 mm, Gewicht: 0.13 g SR = 416 SW
RENATA Aksans 10 2025 CR2025 DL2025 LITHIUM Knopfzellen
EUR 7,14
10 RENATA 2025 CR2025 DL2025 LITHIUM Knopfzellen
A Frequency Dictionary of Turkish (Routledge Frequency Dictionaries) (English Edition)
A Frequency Dictionary of Turkish enables students of all levels to build on their study of Turkish in an efficient and engaging way. Based on a 50 million word corpus, A Frequency Dictionary of Turkish provides a list of core vocabulary for learners of Turkish as a second or foreign language. It gives the most updated, reliable frequency guidelines for common vocabulary in spoken and written Turkish. Each of the 5000 entries are supported by detailed information including the English equivalent, an illustrative example with English translation and usage statistics.The Dictionary provides a rich resource for language teaching and curriculum design, while a separate CD version provides the full text in a tab-delimited format ideally suited for use by corpus and computational linguists.With entries arranged by frequency, by suffixation and alphabetically, A Frequency Dictionary of Turkish enables students of all levels to get the most out of their study of vocabulary in an engaging and efficient way.
Bana Iyi Bak
M.O.B. Entertainment
EUR 1,29
aksans (TM) 10 x maxell 2025 CR2025 Schlüssel Fernbedienung, Akku Batterien
EUR 4,17
Eigenschaften SPEZIFIKATIONEN Hersteller Maxell 2025 Länge, Kapazität, Zeit verpackt eine Karte 5to Menge 2 = 10batteries Lieferung Methode Royal Mail First Class weitere nützliche Informationen. Verfallsdatum: 2014 oder besser Technische specifiactions
Weapon of the Strong: Conversations on US State Terrorism (English Edition)
Pluto Press
The term ‘terrorism’ is often applied exclusively to non-state groups or specific ‘rogue states’. Far less attention is given to state terrorism carried out or sponsored by democracies, most notably the United States. History shows that this state terrorism has been responsible for the deaths of millions of people. *BR**BR*Weapon of the Strong analyses the forms of US state terrorism through exclusive, never before published interviews with leading commentators and theorists, including Noam Chomsky, Edward S. Herman, Richard A. Falk, Judith Butler, Ted Honderich, Norman Finkelstein and Gilbert Achcar. The interviews explore the different aspects of state terrorism: its functions, institutional supports and the legal and moral arguments surrounding it, and consider specific case studies in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.*BR**BR*Weapon of the Strong makes an indispensable contribution to contemporary debates on terrorism and constructs a damning critique of US foreign policy from World War Two to the present day.
[( The Early Modern Ottomans: Remapping the Empire )] [by: Virginia H. Aksan] [Aug-2007]
EUR 45,29
The Early Modern Ottomans This collection focuses on the middle years of the Ottoman Empire, from 1453 to 1839. Full description
aksans (TM) 5 Maxell CR2032 2032 Schlüssel Fernbedienung, Akku Batterien
EUR 2,46
Eigenschaften SPEZIFIKATIONEN Hersteller Maxell 2032 Länge, Kapazität, Zeit verpackt eine Karte 1to Menge 5 Karten = 5batteries Lieferung Methode Royal Mail First Class andere nützliche Informationen. Verfallsdatum: 2013 oder besser Technische specifiactions
Varta Pile pour montre 1.55V-42mAh SR57 395.801.111, 1 pièce
EUR 3,26
Technische Daten: VARTA type: 395.801.111,: Ag, nom. 1.55 V-Spannung: typ. Kapazität: 42mAh-Maße: Ø9.5 x 2,6 mm, Gewicht: 0,75 g-verweist auf: SR927SW-RW313, D395/R395-25-SR 57-610-SB-AP/DP - 280-48
Techniques in Genetic Engineering (English Edition)
CRC Press
Although designed for undergraduates with an interest in molecular biology, biotechnology, and bioengineering, this book—Techniques in Genetic Engineering—IS NOT: a laboratory manual; nor is it a textbook on molecular biology or biochemistry. There is some basic information in the appendices about core concepts such as DNA, RNA, protein, genes, and genomes; however, in general it is assumed that the reader has a background on these key issues. Techniques in Genetic Engineering briefly introduces some common genetic engineering techniques and focuses on how to approach different real-life problems using a combination of these key issues. Although not an exhaustive review of these techniques, basic information includes core concepts such as DNA, RNA, protein, genes, and genomes. It is assumed that the reader has background on these key issues. The book provides sufficient background and future perspectives for the readers to develop their own experimental strategies and innovations.This easy-to-follow book presents not only the theoretical background of molecular techniques, but also provides case study examples, with some sample solutions. The book covers basic molecular cloning procedures; genetic modification of cells, including stem cells; as well as multicellular organisms, using problem-based case study examples.
Aksans (TM) Cinch Buchse A Schweißen, Kunststoff, Gelb
EUR 2,00
Spezifikationen & # - ; FARBE Kappe: gelb & # - ;, Abdeckung aus Kunststoff & # - ; zu, & # - ; für Kabel: Ø 4 mm