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Dr. Killbot
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American Science and Surplus Magic Loops by American Science & Surplus
American Science & Surplus
EUR 38,20
American Science and Surplus Magic Loops
National Geographic? Collectibles Poker Playing Cards 3 Deck set by American Science & Surplus
American Science & Surplus
EUR 49,81
Triple Decker Play around with this (3) pack set of playing cards from National Geographic. The faces of these standard decks (52 cards with suits and numbers, plus a pair of jokers) expose you to handful after handful of the interesting and educational. The Nature deck is mostly critters, with a few geological features, the Culture deck is heavily architectural, and the Expedition deck features pix from, yes, famous expeditions. Each deck also comes with an information card.
Three Beam Balance Scale with 2610 Gram Capacity by American Science & Surplus
EUR 189,68
Accuracy Hangs In The Balance This large, excellent quality triple-beam balance scale offers many years of precise measurements. It measures 17 long x 4 wide x 6 high, has a 6 dia plate, and comes with (2) kilogram and (1) 500g counterweights. Maximum capacity is 2,610 grams with a 0.1g resolution. Hardened steel knife edges, self-aligning agate bearings, magnetic damping mechanism. Durable cast metal base for stability.
Flexible Chopping Mats for Craft Hobby Kitchen (2 Mats) by American Science & Surplus
American Science & Surplus
EUR 34,92
Flat Mats Let's cut to the chase here -- buy these the first time you read this, or they're going to be gone! There aren't that many of these flexible chopping mats, and the versatile 15 x 12 x 0.;024 thick mats are not only ideal for small kitchens where every inch counts, they're great for any kitchen, and for cookouts, camping and picnics.;Our each is a set of (2) of the translucent Euro-look mats that protect countertops from sharp knives and fresh-from-the-oven cookies, and protect food from outdoor surfaces. They can be lifted and slightly folded to funnel chopped food neatly into a pot.;They're dishwasher safe, and roll up for portage or storage.
Surplus American: How the 1% is Making Us Redundant (English Edition)
The Surplus American considers a future where increasing numbers of Americans will be rendered jobless and redundant. Exploring the ongoing crisis of 'surplus people' today, authors Charles Derber and Yale Magrass show that the jobless are merely the tip of the iceberg. Drawing on the work of economists and highlighting new trends, the book identifies a number of primary groups within the category of 'surplus' including the underemployed, people forcibly removed or induced to leave the labour force and retirees. Derber and Magrass argue that a majority of the US public is now part of the surplus population constituting an integral part of the economy. The authors conclude that these movements will be essential to solving the crisis of surplus people and redirecting the economy in a more positive direction.
Keypad Fix, Clean and Restore Conductivity to the Carbon on the Keys and the Copper PC Board Pads by American Science & Surplus
American Science & Surplus
EUR 34,13
Restore Your Remote Don't toss it and buy a universal remote. (How many things are really universal, after all?) Try this jar of Keypad Fix, designed to clean and restore conductivity to the carbon on the keys and the copper PC board pads that make up the rubber-coated switches on remotes, game controllers, and security keypads. Contains enough to coat over 200 button contacts.
American Science & Surplus Zombie Eyes Undead Novelty Sleep Mask (Maske/Maske)
EUR 6,35
Mit dieser tollen weichen Maske kannst du endlich mal richtig ausschlafen und entspannen! Außer vielleicht Dein Partner, dieser wird sich durch den krassen Zombie-Print sicher etwas gruseln! Die Maske ist weich gepolstert und wird mit einem abgepolsterten Gummiband sicher vor deinen gestressten Augen gehalten. > Zombie-Print > Größe ca. 19 x 9 cm > Material: 100% Polyester
Greifhilfe, zusammenklappbar
EUR 15,68
Verwenden Sie es in Ihrem Haus, Büro, Auto, Boot, Wohnmobil usw. Wenn etwas außerhalb der Reichweite ist... holen Sie es! Lässt sich zum Verstauen einfach zusammenklappen. Der Triggerverschluss hält Saugnäpfe fest in Position. Leichte und robuste Aluminiumkonstruktion. Super Saugnäpfe für große und kleine Gegenstände
35,6 x 25,4 cm Art Craft Versorgung Caddy und Staffelei
American Science & Surplus
EUR 74,81
Slim Caddy unsere Slim Caddy ist nicht für den Golfplatz, sondern für toting, kunst und Handwerk liefert. Es öffnet sich zu einem schwarzen Staffelei, 35,6 cm breit x 25,4 cm hoch, steht von selbst und hat elastische lattice-work auf beiden Seiten für einfachen Transport,. The (50) Abschnitten mit Fach für Stifte, Pinsel, Marker, Schere, Maßband, verschiedene kleine Werkzeuge und viele andere Dinge. Eine Seite hat auch eine 5,1 cm High Netztasche an der Unterseite, unterteilt in 12,7 cm und 20,3 cm angeboten. Canvas-Tragegurt an der Oberseite. Crafty.
Tru Forge Foot Pump
Omaha Dist.
EUR 92,62
Fügen Sie die Schnellkupplungs-Ventil am Kopf der pumpt und Tromp Weg des Pedals.; Die äußerst robuste Metall-Pumpe verfügt über einen Hochdruck-Hydraulik-Luftkammer, 100 PSI Manometer., 24 Luftschlauch und rutschfeste Gummifüße.; Mit (1), Kugel- und (1) Universal-Adapter.
Ology - Germ Soap - Helpful
American Science & Surplus
EUR 127,70
Ology - Germ Soap - Helpful
Professional Quality 8' Diameter Latex Weather Balloon. Burst 12'4, 300Grams Avg Weight. Great for Parties! by American Science & Surplus
EUR 73,99
Giant Whether Balloon If the question is whether to tie a bunch of these giant weather balloons to a lawn chair, the answer is no. (They burst at about 82,000 feet anyway.) Besides, this is a true weather balloon, with plenty of fun, nonfatal uses.;The cream-colored latex balloon is approx 40 dia when flaccid, you should pardon the expression, but has an 8-foot dia when inflated. The neck is 9 long x 1 dia.;Scientists, meteorologists, inventors, teachers and the imaginative filmmaker are warned to launch the balloon carefully. The material is delicate and not made to survive brushes with pavement, pine branches, or clumsy physics students.
(2) LBS of Assorted Misprint Ballpoint Pens. Great for the Office or Classroom. by American Science & Surplus
EUR 62,01
Pens By The Pound, just like buying salami, except you can't take notes with lunch meat.;We bought them in bulk, and we're selling them in bulk. Our each is 2lbs of asst. ballpoint pens.;For future reference, pens weigh in at approx (50) per pound, give or take.;Sytles, logos, images and names may, or may not, vary from those shown in the photo.;Please Note: Many pens in our current inventory contain religious material and photos.
Flexible Chopping Mats for Craft Hobby Kitchen (2 Mats) by American Science & Surplus
American Science & Surplus
EUR 34,03
Flat Matten Let 's Cut to the Chase --Diese das erste Mal, wenn Sie dies lesen, oder kaufen Sie 're Going To Be Gone. Es gibt nicht viele dieser flexible Schneidematten/Schneideunterlagen und das vielseitige 15 x 12 x 0.; 024 Dicke Matten sind nicht nur ideal für kleine Küchen, wo jeder Millimeter zählt, sie passt in jede Küche und cookouts, Camping und Picknick.; Unsere Pro ist ein Set (2) der transluzenten euro-look Matten Arbeitsplatten vor scharfen Messern und fresh-from-the-oven Cookies zu schützen, und schützen Lebensmittel vor Oberflächen im Außenbereich. Sie kann abgelöst und leicht gefaltet, um Trichter gehackte Lebensmittel sauber in einen Topf.; Sie sind spülmaschinenfest, und rollt für Portage oder Lagerung.
3 Wide x 6' Long Tarpaulin Blue Texture and Color Tarp Repair Tape by American Science & Surplus
EUR 46,15
Tip-Top Tarp Tape Blue-plastic, very-self-adhesive, peel-and-stick tape in the recognizable tarpaulin texture and color. Excellent for repairing tarpaulins, joining two tarps together, making really big drop cloths, repairing awnings or tents, or sticking stuff to other stuff in general. You get 6 feet of the 3 wide blue tape, marked waterproof and rated for temps down to -20°F.
Submersible Mister Perfect for the Decorative Dazzle of a Little Tabletop Ultrasonic Fog by American Science & Surplus
American Science & Surplus
EUR 83,16
Hey Mister! Ain't This A Bargain? Make your own submersible mister, for dispersing aromatherapeutic oils, humidifying a room, or just for the decorative dazzle of a little tabletop ultrasonic fog. Comes with a floor-mount adapter, an in-line switch, a spare ceramic disc for dispersing, the mister, and an installation tool. Measures 1-1/2 dia x 1-5/8 tall. All you add is a container. UL.