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Dr. Killbot
EUR 0,99
American Science & Surplus Zombie Eyes Undead Novelty Sleep Mask (Maske/Maske)
EUR 7,77
Mit dieser tollen weichen Maske kannst du endlich mal richtig ausschlafen und entspannen! Außer vielleicht Dein Partner, dieser wird sich durch den krassen Zombie-Print sicher etwas gruseln! Die Maske ist weich gepolstert und wird mit einem abgepolsterten Gummiband sicher vor deinen gestressten Augen gehalten. > Zombie-Print > Größe ca. 19 x 9 cm > Material: 100% Polyester
Computer Geek 3-notebook Set Terabyte, Megabyte, and Kilobyte by American Science & Surplus
EUR 101,25
Call it the papa, mama and baby bear notebook set, cleverly marked terabyte, megabyte, and kilobyte;Terabyte notebook has 96 blank pages as 10 x 7;Megabyte has 64 lined pages at 6-3/4 x 4-7/8;Kilobyte has 56 pages with a 1/8 grid at 3-5/16 x 2-3/8;ade of all recycled materials, with soy ink even, so you could probably eat your words if you had to.
3 Wide x 6' Long Tarpaulin Blue Texture and Color Tarp Repair Tape by American Science & Surplus
EUR 49,36
Tip-Top Tarp Tape Blue-plastic, very-self-adhesive, peel-and-stick tape in the recognizable tarpaulin texture and color. Excellent for repairing tarpaulins, joining two tarps together, making really big drop cloths, repairing awnings or tents, or sticking stuff to other stuff in general. You get 6 feet of the 3 wide blue tape, marked waterproof and rated for temps down to -20°F.
Leonardo da Vinci Action Figure by American Science & Surplus
American Science & Surplus
EUR 294,48
Historische Actionfigur Wie sagen Sie einem echten Superhelden? Das ist nicht, weil er Kung-Fu Bewegungen hat oder gut in Strumpfhosen aussieht. Die historischen Riesen unserer Superhelden-Kollektion, die auf 5 bis 6 große Kunststofffiguren reduziert wurden, tragen ihr zeitgenössisches Kleid. ;So beschränkt sich sie auf bewegliche Gliedmaßen und Köpfe, wobei manche eher motile als andere. Diese Superhelden sind aber echte historische Zahlen, anstatt Hollywood-Helden. Leonardo kommt auch mit einer 4-1/4 Staffelei und einem kleinen Rahmen mit (4) austauschbaren Meisterwerken zum Ausstellen. Alle Figuren enthalten faszinierende Fakten und kurze Biografien auf der Rückseite des Pakets, ZwergdaVinci-Puppe. Dieser kleine Leonardo trägt sein Renaissance-Kleid - plus wie schweißtreibende Socken darunter. Er ist 14,5 cm hoch aus Kunststoff, mit beweglichen Gliedmaßen und kommt mit einer 4-1/4 Staffelei und einem kleinen Rahmen mit 4 austauschbaren Meisterwerken zum Präsentieren - plus faszinierende Fakten mit einer kurzen Biografie auf der Rückseite des Pakets.
National Geographic? Collectibles Poker Playing Cards 3 Deck set by American Science & Surplus
American Science & Surplus
EUR 56,54
Triple Decker Play around with this (3) pack set of playing cards from National Geographic. The faces of these standard decks (52 cards with suits and numbers, plus a pair of jokers) expose you to handful after handful of the interesting and educational. The Nature deck is mostly critters, with a few geological features, the Culture deck is heavily architectural, and the Expedition deck features pix from, yes, famous expeditions. Each deck also comes with an information card.
Keypad Fix, Clean and Restore Conductivity to the Carbon on the Keys and the Copper PC Board Pads by American Science & Surplus
American Science & Surplus
EUR 49,38
Restore Your Remote Don't toss it and buy a universal remote. (How many things are really universal, after all?) Try this jar of Keypad Fix, designed to clean and restore conductivity to the carbon on the keys and the copper PC board pads that make up the rubber-coated switches on remotes, game controllers, and security keypads. Contains enough to coat over 200 button contacts.
35,6 x 25,4 cm Art Craft Versorgung Caddy und Staffelei
American Science & Surplus
EUR 53,51
Slim Caddy unsere Slim Caddy ist nicht für den Golfplatz, sondern für toting, kunst und Handwerk liefert. Es öffnet sich zu einem schwarzen Staffelei, 35,6 cm breit x 25,4 cm hoch, steht von selbst und hat elastische lattice-work auf beiden Seiten für einfachen Transport,. The (50) Abschnitten mit Fach für Stifte, Pinsel, Marker, Schere, Maßband, verschiedene kleine Werkzeuge und viele andere Dinge. Eine Seite hat auch eine 5,1 cm High Netztasche an der Unterseite, unterteilt in 12,7 cm und 20,3 cm angeboten. Canvas-Tragegurt an der Oberseite. Crafty.
Not So Much, Said the Cat (English Edition)
Tachyon Publications
The master of literary science fiction returns with this dazzling new collection. Michael Swanwick takes us on a whirlwind journey across the globe and across time and space, where magic and science exist in possibilities that are not of this world. These tales are intimate in their telling, galactic in their scope, and delightfully sesquipedalian in their verbiage.Join the caravan through Swanwick's worlds and into the playground of his mind. Travel from Norway to Russia and America to Gehenna. Discover a calculus problem that rocks the ages and robots who both nurture and kill. Meet a magical horse who protects the innocent, a semi-repentant troll, a savvy teenager who takes on the Devil, and time travelers from the Mesozoic who party till the end of time...
batteriebetrieben sortiert farbigen Faser Neuheit Lampe
American Science & Surplus
EUR 37,96
Schalten Sie das batteriebetriebene Licht wird aus der Tip of each Glasfaser-Strang/Gesamthöhe Lampe 22,9 cm Basis Durchmesser ist 3,8 cm
70192 Slick Tire Set 31mm Diameter
EUR 218,94
70192 Slick Tire Set 31mm Diameter
Ology - Germ Soap - Helpful
American Science & Surplus
EUR 39,00
Ology - Germ Soap - Helpful
Three Beam Balance Scale with 2610 Gram Capacity by American Science & Surplus
EUR 184,55
Accuracy Hangs In The Balance This large, excellent quality triple-beam balance scale offers many years of precise measurements. It measures 17 long x 4 wide x 6 high, has a 6 dia plate, and comes with (2) kilogram and (1) 500g counterweights. Maximum capacity is 2,610 grams with a 0.1g resolution. Hardened steel knife edges, self-aligning agate bearings, magnetic damping mechanism. Durable cast metal base for stability.
P-38 Can Openers by American Science & Surplus
American Science & Surplus
EUR 33,01
G.I. Can Openers. Newly manufactured P-38 Can Opener from the same folks who supply them to Uncle. It folds! into 1-1/2 x 5/8 flat piece which is easily carried and lost. Reportedly works much better than the Asian knockoffs for those who really want to gain entry to the Spam!
Smoggles Children Size Safety Goggles Glasses. 15% Smaller and Indirect Vent by American Science & Surplus
HL Bouton Company
EUR 46,69
Small protective goggles, for kids or anybody else with, well, a little head.;They're 5 across, or 15% smaller than standard goggles.;Nice quality, with a plastic lens and indirect ventilation.;They meet ANSI standards for protection from flying chips and particles. Flexible, clear-vinyl body with adjustable elastic headband.
PKG(20) Negative Meniscus Lenses in Sizes Between 14mm and 52mm with Focus Lengths Between -29.7mm a by American Science & Surplus
EUR 91,16
Meniscus Miscellany Treat yourself to an assortment of our finest negative meniscus lenses in sizes between 14mm and 52mm with focus lengths between -29.7mm and -169mm. Negative meniscus lenses spread light instead of concentrating it, so they're sort of de-magnifying glasses. (Perfect for reading if your vision is too good.) You get (4) lenses in each of (5) sizes for (20) total.