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The Seven Strategies of Style for Mixed Martial Arts: Plan for every opponent, develop your style intentionally, and understand the path to victory in mixed martial arts (English Edition)

Mixed Martial Arts has seen a revolution of technical prowess across all levels. Once an amalgamation of boxing, jiu jitsu, and wrestling; fighting has reformed itself into a stylized art specific to the athlete. The lines between the origin of each movement blur as fighters find success with specific strategic advantages, whether they realize they are applying them or not.The Seven Strategies of Style for Mixed Martial Arts takes a dive into what helps develop the most effective movements of each specific martial artists. You'll learn how to design a plan for all stages of a mixed martial arts career. What traps will these styles fall prey to? How will you create yourself as a combat sports athlete of any discipline? Let author Jacob Clark guide you with years of m.m.a. expertise and concise coaching every step of the way.
The Art of Darksiders II
Udon Entertainment
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Styles, Schools and Movements: The Essential Encyclopaedic Guide to Modern Art
Thames & Hudson Ltd
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"Styles, Schools and Movements" is the bestselling guide to the major modern developments in Western painting, sculpture, architecture and design. This new edition includes three new chapters on Art Photography, Destination Art and Design Art as well as thorough updates and revisions throughout. A foldout timeline shows at a glance how the evolution of art corresponds with historical events, providing a thorough overview of the whole period. Listings of major international collections and carefully selected suggestions for further reading are given for all the main entries, and the comprehensive index features over 1,000 artists, architects, designers, impresarios, critics, collectors and champions of modern art.
The Art of Darksiders III
Udon Entertainment
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The Art of Darksiders
Udon Entertainment
EUR 46,99
The Art of Heikala: Works and Thoughts (3dtotal Illustrator)
Ingram Publisher Services
Works and ThoughtsGebundenes BuchThe Art of Heikala: Works and Thoughts is the first major publication by popular Finnish illustrator Heikala. Heikala's artwork combines traditional watercolor painting and inks with a fresh, enchanting approach - fans love her charming characters and scenes that are largely influenced by Finnish and Japanese cultures. This combined with her in-depth sharing of her processes and knowledge, has given Heikala a social media following of over 400,000 on Instagram alone; she also has growing audiences on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. This visually appealing and coffee-table worthy, hardback art book not only includes Heikala's sketches, works in progress and beautifully presented paintings that her fans will be familiar with, it also includes never-before-seen images from along Heikala's creative journey; all new in-depth tutorials, thought processes and advice on watercolor painting; detailed how-to product design guides; and how she has built a successful career as an artist. A valuable book for fans, budding artists and experienced illustrators alike.
New York, New Wave: The Legacy of Feminist Artists in Emerging Practices (International Library of Modern and Contemporary Art)
Bloomsbury Academic
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New York is a centre of creative production for an exciting, emerging generation of women artists. Their work investigates themes such as the body as medium and subject matter; the deconstruction of the existing patriarchal order of the art world; the appropriation of earlier art historical references; and the use of so-called abject and everyday materials. New York, New Wave investigates the relevance of earlier feminist practice for this 'new' generation, asking: Does gender difference still play a role in today's practice? How can younger women artists embrace a radical political ideology and yet remain market friendly? How far have these artists diverged from the established feminist 'tradition'? Artists discussed include: Firelei Baez, EV Day, Ruby LaToya Fraser, Diana Al-Hadid, K8 Hardy, Valerie Hegarty, Cindy Hinant, Dawn Kasper, Anya Kielar, Liz Magic Laser, Narcissister, Alix Pearlstein, Aurel Schmidt, AL Steiner and W.A.G.E.
Color Collective's Palette Perfect: Color Combinations Inspired by Fashion, Art and Style
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Aimed to fashion students and designers, Palette Perfect is both a practical guide and an inspirational book that proposes a reflection on the universe of colour combinations, the moods and atmospheres they evoke and how we associate particular places and emotions to special colours. Each chapter explores a particular mood and describes the corresponding feelings and colour combinations, using as examples exquisite photographs of objects, still-lives, landscapes, interiors and fashion. At the end of each chapter, a wide variety of palettes representing the chapter's particular mood or atmosphere is included.