Arvo Pärt: Spiegel im Spiegel
Brilliant Classics (Edel)
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CD: Arvo Pärt - Benjamin Hudson , Sebastian Klinger , Jürgen Kruse,Spiegel Im S
Für Anna Maria: für Klavier
Universal Edition AG
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The Symphonies
Ecm Records (Universal Music)
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ECM 2600; ECM RECORDS - Germania; Classica contemporanea Orchestrale
Very Best Of Arvo Pärt
Plg Classics (Warner)
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Part: Sound Of Arvo Part (3CD)
Erato (Warner)
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Arvo Pärt - Tabula Rasa, Fratres, Silentium u.a.
Onyx (Note 1 Musikvertrieb)
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Classica contemporanea Orchestrale - PART Arvo: Arvo Part, Mullova - Jarvi; Darf ich ......; Fratres (1977) per violino e piano; Passacaglia; Tabula rasa (1977) Ludus; Tabula rasa (1977) Silentium; Spiegel im spiegel (1978) per violino e piano
Arvo Pärt: Out of Silence (English Edition)
St Vladimir's Seminary Press
Listeners often speak of a certain mystery in the way that Arvo Pärt evokes spirituality through his music, but no one has taken a sustained, close look at how he achieves this. Arvo Pärt: Out of Silence examines the powerful interplay between Pärt's music and the composers own deep roots in the Orthodox Christian faith a relationship that has born much creative fruit and won the hearts of countless listeners across the globe."A luminous engagement of music, philosophy, and belief."LAURIE ANDERSON, Composer, musician, performance artist --Book Cover"This illuminating meditation on the pillars of Pärt's music word, silence, and bright sadness gives voice to what many intuit in the music and is a game changer for Pärt scholarship. Unafraid to traverse the same boundaries of religion, spirituality, and popular culture as Pärt's music, Bouteneff's book is essential reading for those devoted to Pärt's music and interested in the place of Orthodox Christianity in public life"JEFFERS ENGELHARDT , Amherst College --Book Cover"Many of us have written about Pärt, but one thing was missing, the view from within the Orthodox Christian tradition that has guided Pärt's work since the 1970s. This has now been provided by Peter Bouteneff, writing with clarity, precision, and the graceful authority of one who knows what he is talking about."PAUL HILLIER, Co-founder, the Hilliard Ensemble, author, Arvo Pärt (Oxford, 1997) --Book CoverAbout the AuthorA professor of theology and a conservatory-trained musician, Peter Bouteneff has been an ardent and attentive listener of Arvo Pärt's music ever since he came to know the composer personally in 1990. He teaches systematic theology and spirituality at St Vladimir's Seminary, where he also co-directed the Arvo Pärt Project.
Adam's Passion (Arvo Pärt/Robert Wilson) DVD
Accentus (Harmonia Mundi)
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ARVO 2015
ATIV Software
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Spiegel im Spiegel: für Violine und Klavier
Universal Edition Ag
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The Cambridge Companion to Arvo Pärt (Cambridge Companions to Music)
Cambridge University Press
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Arvo Part is one of the most influential and widely performed contemporary composers. Around 1976 he developed an innovative new compositional technique called 'tintinnabuli' (Latin for 'sounding bells'), which has had an extraordinary degree of success. It is frequently performed around the world, has been used in award-winning films, and pieces such as Fur Alina and Spiegel im Siegel have become standard repertoire. This collection of essays, written by a distinguished international group of scholars and performers, is the essential guide to Arvo Part and his music. The book begins with a general introduction to Part's life and works, covering important biographical details and outlining his most significant compositions. Two chapters analyze the tintinnabuli style and are complemented by essays which discuss Part's creative process. The book also examines the spiritual aspect of Part's music and contextualizes him in the cultural milieu of the twenty-first century and in the marketplace.
Leonardo Carbone Mittelalter Herren Hose Arvo Lang mit Gummizugbund Baumwolle braun - XL

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Mittelalter Herren Hose Arvo Lang mit Gummizugbund Baumwolle braun - XL
Balai Cou Barburys Arvo
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Hals Bürste Barburys Arvo Synthetische Haar, ultra weich Abmessungen: H 13,5 cm Breite 10 cm
Arvo Pärt: The Deer's Cry
ECM New Series
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SILVINI Kinder Arvo MTB Kurze Hose mit 2 Seitentaschen und Schutz Reflektierende Elemente Orange - 134-140
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