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Asian Flavours
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Asian-flavour sea salt 500g. Soso
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Asian-flavour sea salt. Ingredients: Natural sea salt, curry, sesame, turmeric and ginger.
Gunpowder: Explosive flavours from modern India (English Edition)
Kyle Books
Named one of the top 20 new cookbooks of 2018 by the Independent The famous gunpowder spice mix is a heady blend of pulses and spices, including chilli, curry leaves and asafoetida. It is a fitting title for this exciting collection of recipes from the founders of the hugely respected restaurant of the same name. In this beautiful book, complete with stunning photography, Harneet, Devina and Nirmal have managed to capture the bustle and flavours of their childhoods in Kolkata, and the intricacy of true homestyle dishes from across India. From Maa's Kashmiri Lamb Chops (which have garnered outstanding reviews from many restaurant critics) to Wild Rabbit Pulao, these exceptional recipes are impressively authentic, yet given a modern twist. Throughout the book, the authors share personal anecdotes about their recipes and give handy cheats to make things easier for the home cook, including time-saving tips and alternative ingredients. With chapters covering Small Plates, Big Plates, Sweet Plates & Drinks and Sides & Spice, Gunpowder is the perfect opportunity to create some of these widely admired dishes in your own home.
150 Meter Bindedraht (3x 50 Meter) mit Abschneider
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Mit diesem Bindedraht können Sie Pflanzen und Blumen zusammenbinden oder ihn für ähnliches einsetzen, z.B. Zusammenbinden von Kabeln und Drähten. Der Bindedraht besteht aus Draht, der mit grünem Kunststoff ummantelt ist. Drahtlänge: 150 Meter (3 x 50 Meter), mit Schneidevorrichtung zum Abschneiden des Drahtes in der gewünschten Länge. Das Angebot bezieht sich auf 150 Meter Bindedraht (3 Packungen mit jeweils 50 Metern).
Asian’s Flavour: Asian FFF Lesbian Menage (English Edition)

Scarlett and her daughter Rory had just moved into a new neighbourhood to get over her husband's death, wishing that she could leave it all behind in a new place. On her first day of settling in, Scarlett had a friendly Chinese neighbour asking them over for an nice meetup with other people. Scarlett's about to realise that sometimes you might just get more than you wished for.
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
CHV Music Factory
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Amazing Malaysian: Recipes for Vibrant Malaysian Home-Cooking (English Edition)
Vintage Digital
Malaysian food is incredible. Think vibrant, healthy dishes with dazzling flavours and textures. With over 100 recipes - using ingredients that you can find in any supermarket - this is the ultimate guide to cooking Malaysian food at home. Try an authentic satay, an aromatic curry, a laksa, or simply the perfect fluffy coconut rice.
Slow Cooker Family Favourites: 200 new classics the whole fa (English Edition)
ABC Books
Real food without the fuss - every time. When Paulene Christie started Slow Cooker Central in 2012, she wanted to share her passion for slow-cooking with like-minded people online. Fast forward 7 years, and she has more than half a million followers, four bestselling cookbooks, and thirty slow cookers!In Slow Cooker Central Family Favourites, Paulene has brought together 200 of her most-loved recipes - the new classics - that are guaranteed to please the whole family.Online praise for Slow Cooker Central books:'Amazing books. They get used at least five times a week, sometimes more!''I was hooked from the first book. Slow cooking has changed my life.''I am a cookbook junkie and have not bought another cookbook since I purchased all three Slow Cooker Central books.'
The Cardamom Trail: Chetna Bakes with Flavours of the East (English Edition)
Mitchell Beazley
Chetna Makan is known for her unique recipes, which introduce colourful spices, aromatic herbs and other Indian ingredients into traditional Western baked favourites.Whether it's a sponge cake with a cardamom and coffee filling; puff pastry bites filled with fenugreek paneer; a swirly bread rolled with citrusy coriander, mint and green mango chutney; or a steamed strawberry pudding flavoured with cinnamon, Chetna's Indian influences will transform your baking from the familiar to the exotic, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.Discover rare but precious traditional bakes from India, as well as new spice-infused recipes. Delve into the history of Indian herbs and spices and learn how to match foods and flavours.