At Home

At Home: A Short History of Private Life (Bryson, Band 3) (Cover Bild kann abweichen)
Black Swan
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In "At Home", Bill Bryson applies the same irrepressible curiosity, irresistible wit, stylish prose and masterful storytelling that made "A Short History of Nearly Everything" one of the most lauded books of the last decade, and delivers one of the most entertaining and illuminating books ever written about the history of the way we live. Bill Bryson was struck one day by the thought that we devote a lot more time to studying the battles and wars of history than to considering what history really consists of: centuries of people quietly going about their daily business - eating, sleeping and merely endeavouring to get more comfortable. And that most of the key discoveries for humankind can be found in the very fabric of the houses in which we live. This inspired him to start a journey around his own house, an old rectory in Norfolk, wandering from room to room considering how the ordinary things in life came to be. Along the way he did a prodigious amount of research on the history of anything and everything, from architecture to electricity, from food preservation to epidemics, from the spice trade to the Eiffel Tower, from crinolines to toilets; and on the brilliant, creative and often eccentric minds behind them. And he discovered that, although there may seem to be nothing as unremarkable as our domestic lives, there is a huge amount of history, interest and excitement - and even a little danger - lurking in the corners of every home.
At Home
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Megatrendline at home rechteckige Moderne Gardinenstange 35x14 mm Vorhangstange Innenlauf Deckenbefestigung 1-Lauf-Weiß-1,60 m
Megatrendline at home
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Lieferumfang: Gardinenschiene 35 x 14 mm + 2 Endkappen + Deckenträger 3 mm Stärke + Schrauben, Dübel. Schienenhöhe: 35 mm Schienenbreite: 14 mm. Farbe: weiß. Material: Träger und Endkappen sind aus Metall. Die Gardinenstange ist aus Aluminium.
Green Kitchen at Home: Quick and Healthy Vegetarian Food for Everyday
Hardie Grant London Ltd.
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Quick and Healthy Vegetarian Food for EverydayGebundenes BuchIn Green Kitchen At Home, bestselling authors and bloggers David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl are back, this time with simple yet delicious recipes that can be cooked during a busy week, and will allow you to sneak more vegetables into your diet. This book features wholesome food that everyone, including meat-eaters, will love.
At Home
Jazz Villa (Harmonia Mundi)
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Modernist Cuisine at Home
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Pilates for Beginners: Core Pilates Exercises and Easy Sequences to Practice at Home (English Edition)
Althea Press
Pilates for Beginners is the new kick-start guide for building an at-home Pilates practice with step-by-step guidance and easy sequences.No matter your fitness level—whether you’re in great shape or have never set foot in a gym—learning to do Pilates means going back to the basics. Teaching you core Pilates exercises and easy sequences, Pilates for Beginners is the ultimate starter guide to confidently practice Pilates at home.From your first time on the mat to finishing a complete sequence, Pilates for Beginners develops your Pilates regimen with a progressive, easy-to-follow program. Complete with clear instructions, photographs, and tips to do the exercises right, Pilates for Beginners is your go-to reference to keep your body supple and mobile, and add more life to your years.Pilates for Beginners gives you the information and guidance you need to make Pilates part of your daily routine with:Pilates 101 that explains the philosophy and guiding principles of Pilates—Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, and Flow—to incorporate into workouts.50 easy-to-follow exercises that include warm-ups, cool downs, and bonus strengthening exercises, with photographs, checklists, and tips to help guide you. Progressive sequences that lay a strong foundation for body awareness in the introductory program, and builds strength, spinal mobility, flexibility, and control from Level 1 to Level 2. Pilates is a source of lifelong energy, strength, and flexibility for both your mind and body. Start building your practice and feel the difference with step-by-step guidance and exercises from Pilates for Beginners.
Nets At Home Klemmstange, federbelastet, 83–150 cm, Weiß
Nets At Home
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Die Befestigung dieser Klemmstangen aus Metall könnte nicht einfacher sein. Der Innenteil wird einfach herausgeschraubt. Dann drehen Sie die Stange, bis sie die gewünschte Länge hat.Durch die innere Feder erhält die Stange den optimalen Halt.Die Gummienden schützen die Wand, damit keine unschönen Kratzer entstehen.Keine andere Befestigung erforderlich.Ideal für Moskitonetze, Gardinen, leichte Vorhängen und Plissees.Alle unsere Klemmstangen werden in Versandrollen verschickt, um sie beim Transport zu schützen.
Eine kurze Geschichte der alltäglichen Dinge
Goldmann Verlag
Die Welt verstehen, ohne einen Fuß vor die Tür zu setzenWas bleibt nach der „Geschichte von fast allem“ eigentlich noch zu schreiben? Die Geschichte von fast allem anderen, natürlich. Bill Bryson hat sich daher in seinen vier Wänden umgesehen und sich gefragt: Warum leben wir eigentlich, wie wir leben? Warum nutzen wir ausgerechnet Salz und Pfeffer, und weshalb hat unsere Gabel vier Zinken? Aber es bleibt nicht bei Geschichten von Bett, Sofa und Küchenherd. Die Geschichte des Heims ist auch immer eine der großen Entdeckungen und Abenteuer. Ohne die Weltausstellung in London hätte man vermutlich das Wasserklosett nicht so schnell zu schätzen gelernt. Und ohne die großen Entdecker müssten wir wohl ohne Kaffee, Tee oder Kakao auskommen. Bill Bryson zeigt uns unser Heim, wie wir es noch nie gesehen haben. Und wir verstehen ein wenig mehr, warum es so ist, wie es ist.
Living at Home Spezial extra 2019
Südwest Verlag
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essence Gel Nails At Home Primer & Cleanser 1 x 120ml/ für den Gel-Nagel-Look/ Reiniger & Grundierung/ entfernt Gel-Rückstände/ Nagelreiniger
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3 stûcks ! Der Primer und Cleanser von essence ist für einen gepflegten Gel-Nagel-Look unerlässlich. Mit dem Primer & Cleanser wird der Nagel gründlich von Öl, Schmutz und Staub befreit und ist somit perfekt vorbereitet und grundiert. Nach dem Auftragen des Gels können damit Rückstände vom Gel schnell und einfach von der Nagelhaut und Haut entfernt werden. - Primer & Cleanser/ Grundierung & Reiniger - reinigt und entfernt klebrige Gel-Rückstände - zur Vorbereitung und Reinigung der Nägel - 120ml Für Gel-Nägel wie aus dem Nagelstudio Lieferumfang: 3 x essence Gel Nails At Home Primer&Cleanser
At Home in Joshua Tree: A Field Guide to Desert Living (English Edition)
Running Press Adult
Infuse your life with desert vibes, from home designs and entertaining plans to wellness rituals, with this beautifully illustrated lifestyle guide from the creators of The Joshua Tree House.At Home in Joshua Tree offers a peak inside the captivating world of southern California's high-desert, with The Joshua Tree House founders Sara and Rich Combs bringing readers into their laid back, inviting world through mindful practices that enhance the everyday. Guided by nature and the cycles of the sun, this beautiful book offers an intentional, mindful way of living that combines the very best of the wellness movement and modern design to celebrate the singular beauty of the desert. Dive into the design principles that guide The Joshua Tree House, then experience a day in the desert, from sunrise to nightfall. Each chapter in this beautiful lifestyle guide incorporates designs, recipes, wellness practices, and entertaining rituals that elevate and honor the ordinary moments associated with that time. Interviews with other designers, artists, and makers who are inspired by the desert, including those whose designs are featured throughout the Joshua Tree House, are sprinkled throughout, alongside gorgeous full-bleed photographs and a complete sourcing guide.