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A Local History in Artefacts (Esmee Attema) (English Edition)

This book is the product of a collaborative project between a group of volunteers - Pam Finch, Enid Hibbert, Ron Young and Roger Grace - who are associated with Creswell Crags Museum and two students from the University of Sheffield: David Ewing and Esmee Camille Attema.The book serves as an archive of a small selection of artefacts uncovered by the group in the Elmton and Creswell area as well as the stories behind them. It will discuss the histories and journeys of the objects as well as the personal meaning of the artefact to the person who found them.Central to the project was that this was a collaborative effort which prioritised the research and expertise of the group of volunteers over more traditional archaeological or historical experts. The second pillar was that the stories behind the discovery of the artefacts, as well as their importance to the individuals who discovered them, was just as important to preserve as the more typically historical information. History is everywhere around us, even in our own backyard.In writing and distributing this book, we hope to make others as enthusiastic about local and personal history.
The Paper Wagon (Orca Echoes) (English Edition)
Orca Book Publishers
The rooster has been kidnapped by the fox. What is the little hen to do? Go to the shed and build a paper wagon, that's what. With two Herculean mice in place of horses, the little hen heads for the fox's house deep in the forest. On the way, she is joined by a cat, a brick, a needle and a hairy spider, all desperate for a ride. Will they be able to complete the rescue?
50x Klapprosette / Heizkörperrosette / Klickrosette / Rosette für ½
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50 Stück ATTEMA® SK Plastik Rosetten für Rohr-Ø 22mm bzw. ½"-Gewinderohr.
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Why companies fail to automate regression testing (English Edition)
No Tie Generation Limited
Large multinational companies can have very complex IT systems supporting sales, procurement and manufacturing processes on a worldwide scale. Regression testing has as primary objective to avoid system downtime when new or enhanced functionality is introduced to support these critical business processes.Many companies struggle to execute proper regression test cycles because there is a conflict between a) the wide range of critical business processes that must be taken into account and b) the short time period available for testing.When all the tasks associated to regression testing are executed manually, then you require a lot of human resources to prepare all the data before you can validate the test results. This is especially frustrating because you expect to conclude that the system behaves as expected. Therefore you spend a lot of effort to conclude that there are no issues.It makes a lot of common sense to automate regression testing as much as possible. But when you want to spend a lot of effort to automate regression testing, then you need a methodology that allows a reasonable expectation for success. This methodology needs to be defined and agreed by everyone involved before a tool is selected for regression test automation.This document will assist you in defining a methodology to implement automated regression testing successfully. This methodology is unique and requires ten steps to persuade the entire company to embrace the necessary change management consequences within the business.The primary aim for this document is to allow senior managers at multinational companies to find a strategy to achieve a considerable cost saving on their IT budgets without compromising on quality.
The Last Revolution: A Teenage View of Modern Politics
The Last Revolution: A Teenage View of Modern Politics
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Gira 079303 Schuko White Socket-Outlet - Socket-outlets (16 zu)
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Vorverdrahtete SCHUKO-Steckdosen-Kombination 2fach 16 A 250 V~ System 55 Reinweiß glänzend Komplett mit Zentralplatten und Abdeckrahmen 2fach passend für 2fach Einbaudose, z.B. Kaiser, Attema UD50 und PVD 50, HAF 250 und G250 sowie Klick-Kanaldosen Van Geel. 079303 Ausführung ist SCHUKO. Schutzkontakt ist ja. Schutzleiterkontakt rund ist nein. Mit Signallampe ist nein. Mit eingebauter USB-Spannungsversorgung ist nein. Anzahl der Einheiten ist 2. Anzahl der Module (bei Modulbauweise) ist 1. Aufdruck/Kennzeichnung ist ohne Aufdruck. Anschlussart ist Steckklemme. Mit Klappdeckel ist nein. Mit erhöhtem Berührungsschutz ist nein. Textfeld/Beschriftungsfläche ist nein. Farbe ist reinweiß. RAL-Nummer (ähnlich) ist 9010. Transparent ist nein. Abschließbar ist nein. Auswurfmechanismus ist nein. Isolierter Einbau ist nein. Mit Funktionsbeleuchtung ist nein. Mit Orientierungsbeleuchtung ist nein. Überspannungsschutz ist nein. Fehlerstromschutz ist nein. Mit Feinsicherung ist nein. Sonderstromvers
Meditation (Frigyes Hidas)
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