AUBI Abdeckkappe zu Beschlagserie A300 EK001 EK201 EK330 EK300 EK211 LK330 LK221 LK005 LK006 (LK005 (b) rechts, Weiß)
EUR 8,49
AUBI Abdeckkappe EK001, EK 201, EK330, EK300, EK211, LK330, LK221, LK005, LK006
SI Siegenia Balkontür Terrassentür Schnäpper A1361 Türschnäpper inkl. Hülse + Terrasse Türgriff WEISS Inkl. Schrauben
EUR 7,40
Original Siegenia Schnäpper A1361 inkl. Hülse + Balcony pull handle WHITE. ///We are fully committed for 100% customer satisfaction. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR PURCHASE PLEASE CONTACT US!
Godi Aubi
Myuzic Entertainment
EUR 1,29
System der natürlichen Belüftung Aeromat Mini + aktivieren der Block der, Siegenia Aubi, Inc. Schrauben
EUR 14,80
The Aeromat Mini is a passive Air Ventilator for installation in the upper Third of the window. The Room is Ventilated as the Indoor and Outdoor air pressures are Equalized (Pressure Differential). Normally, Air Flows from outside into the room. In Event of wind Pressure (E.G. Storm) The self-regulating Flow Control REDUCES an excessive Air Flow or draught indoors. You can also Open and Close the air inlet Cloning using the optional Turn Lock. The Aeromat Mini is besonders suitable for Apartments where the water Formation at the window and the Mold around the window is Due to Lack of ventilation. The Fan is used to achieve Constant Basic Ventilation. The Window Rabatte Fan Complies completely with DIN 1946 - 6 (Ventilation for dampness Protection). Aeromat can be used for Timber, PVC, Aluminium Windows and Portal Doors. Installation and operating instructions Manual: Protect your child from falling out the window by installing This Window Safety Lock: x vbl78 W if you have any questions about your purchase please contact us.
The Old Love: Kohneh Eshgh
H&S Media
EUR 12,14