Gcse modern world history

GCSE Modern World History 2nd Edn Student's Book (History In Focus)
Hodder Education
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Provide complete support for your GCSE Modern World History candidates with best-selling books and digital resources from an author you can really trust.GCSE Modern World History is the leading textbook for GCSE and IGCSE Modern World History courses.The core content of the Modern World History specifications is comprehensively covered through lucid explanation and carefully selected source material. The most popular option units and depth studies are covered in sufficient detail to make separate purchase of topic books unnecessary.Questions, activities and Focus Tasks are provided throughout to:- deepen understanding of the content- develop evaluative and investigative skills- help students become more independent learners- support exam preparation.The accompanying Teacher's Resource Book includes structured support for every major task in the Student's Book.This book is also available as an enhanced eLearning Edition on CD which offers every element of the Student's Book for use on interactive whiteboards and school networks.1. The First World War 97807195797382. The USSR, Germany and the USA between the Wars 97807195797453. Co-operation and Conflict 1919-1945 97807195797214. International Relations 1945-1990 9780719579752
Edexcel GCSE Modern World History (History in Focus)
Hodder Education Group
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An Edexcel specific edition of the best selling textbook for GCSE Modern World History. It comprehensively covers the new specification for 2009 onwards and provides a winning combination that will meet the needs of all students. - clear, engaging and provocative author text which brings the period to life and summarises complicated history clearly without being simplistic - Focus Tasks which steadily deepen students' understanding of the content (exactly targeting each topic of the Edexcel specification) while progressively building their history skills - original and relevant source material - written and visual - all of which is used for historical investigation not just for illustration - state-of-the-art ICT support in the form of a Dynamic Learning network CD-ROM from an author who leads the field in developing the use of ICT to help refine students historical thinking - authoritative interpretation of the Edexcel specification by experienced examiners and trainers - supported by comprehensive Teacher's Resource Book available in print and on CD, and high-quality, full colour, authoritative revision materials In its first and second editions this book has provided students with what they need to achieve top grades; and provided teachers with what they need to teach a rewarding and worthwhile course. A winning combination - don't settle for less.
OCR GCSE Modern World History Revision Guide 2nd Edition (History In Focus)
Hodder Education
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Succeed in OCR GCSE Modern World History with this active and effective approach to revision. - All the key content of the OCR course is presented in just the right amount of detail for revision. - Revision tasks are provided for every topic to ensure you remember and understand it - Exam Practice and Exam tips help you apply what you are learning to exam style questions - Comment boxes guide you towards possible viewpoints on the key issues - reaching your own view and being able to support it is a good way to boost your grade
Modern World History: Ocr/Gcse (Dynamic Learning)
Hodder Education
A new OCR specific edition of the best selling textbook for GCSE Modern World History.
GCSE Bitesize History Modern World History Complete Revision and Practice (Bitesize GCSE)
Bitesize Gcse
EVERYTHING you need to SUCCEED * Do you want to find a way to make your revision stimulating, memorable and successful? * Do you need to build your knowledge and improve your techniques to tackle exams with confidence? * Would you liketo plan your revision so you know all you need to know to get top marks? YOU CAN...With Bitesize Complete Revision and Practice you get all the help you need to get the results you want. It helps you plan your revision, identify the topics you need to work on most, test and check your progress and sends you reminders to keep you on target. Integrated with the BBC Bitesize website, Bitesize Complete Revision and Practice will help you build the skills and confidence you need for exam success. * Use the CD-ROM to jump directly to what youneed to revise -- quickly and easily * Use the CD-ROM to test yourself and to practise skills interactively * Use the CD-ROM to link directly to more revision on the BBC Bitesize website * Use the CD-ROM on a PC, Mac -- or even in the classroom on a Whiteboard
Modern World History to GCSE (Oxford History for GCSE)
Oxford University Press
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A new edition of this comprehensive summary and revsion text for the revised Modern World History specifications at GCSE. The book covers the core content of all the major boards and also includes four depth studies: Germany, the USSR, the USA and a new depth study on Britain 1905-51, focussing on Britain in the First and Second World Wars. There is also additional material on women and Ireland. A new exam preparation section is provided at the back of the book, to help students understand how to improve their exam grades, as we'll as a glossary of key historical terms. An indispensable text for presenting topics in class and an ideal revision aid for students working on their own.
GCSE History Modern World History the Revision Guide (A*-G C
EUR 71,11
This book is full of clear notes covering all four Areas of Study for the Edexcel exam board. There are loads of tips and quick test questions, as well as extracts from the scores of the set pieces to help you get ready for your coursework and exams. There's also a handy glossary at the back to explain all the tricky technical terms you need to know. It's all explained in straightforward language with the odd joke thrown in to help break up the revision!
GCSE OCR B: Modern World History Student Book and CDROM (OCR GCSE Modern World History)
Pearson Education Limited
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Equip students with the skills for exam success. Tailored to the OCR GCSE History B: Modern World specification, this Student Book focuses on exam preparation and will provide students with the tools to build both their grades and their confidence. Endorsed by OCR, it covers every option of the specification. It is written in accessible chunks and is in full colour to motivate students through the course. Our popular Exam Cafe feature is included, along with Grade Studio, offering clear advice to help students improve their performance.
GCSE Modern World History for Edexcel: War and the Transformation of British society 1903-1928
Hodder Education
EUR 18,05
Updated for the 2013 Specification. Give students in-depth, topic-focused content plus structured exam guidance for GCSE Edexcel History with this textbook written by experts and endorsed by Edexcel. This series for Edexcel GCSE Modern World History has been written to encourage students to achieve the highest possible grades. It does this by combining detailed narrative and a rich variety of sources with a highly structured approach to gradually developing students' skills in answering exam-style questions as they work through the course. Enable students to gain a good knowledge and understanding of the content by outlining and examining the key issues of the GCSE history topic in turn. Develop students' enthusiasm for learning the topic through a variety of activities designed to engage and motivate them. Help students feel secure in how they will be assessed by providing dedicated support in how to answer different exam-style questions, including exam-model answers, exam tips and commentary.
Germany 1918-39 (GCSE Modern World History for Edexcel)
Hodder Arnold
About the series GCSE Modern World History for Edexcel is designed to meet the needs of the 2009 Edexcel Modern World History specification. Written by senior examiners, the series has been developed to enable students to achieve the highest possible grades through: - outlining key lines of enquiry - full coverage of the content requirements of the specification - model answers, exam-style questions and exam tips to aid exam preparation - dedicated support with assessment - a variety of activities to motivate all students. About the book Endorsed by Edexcel, this new edition of Nazi Germany 1930-1939 has been fully revised to support the content and assessment requirements of the depth study 'Germany 1918-39' in Unit 2 of Edexcel's 2009 GCSE Modern World History specification. It has a skills-centred, source-based approach, making it ideal for students studying the course.